Projecting healthy sales


Projecting healthy sales

The days when projectors were products that occasionally got switched on in boardrooms or found their way into clubs and classrooms has long gone.

Part of the reason for the change has been the way the market has moved not just in price, but also in size. So it now makes sense for a projector to be included with a laptop in the luggage pile.

The price tag has become attractive, but what has really changed is the technology under the hood, and those that spent their time living and breathing projectors, like BenQ, understand just how far the components have improved.

Take the BenQ MP522 ST, for example. Sitting in the broad category of the vendor's short-throw projectors, this is designed to be used in confined spaces. There is no need for a tape measure to calculate viewing distance.

A great deal of attention has gone into ensuring the viewing experience is good, with colours and contrast something that the viewer can manipulate to make sure they get the result they are looking for.

Key to that is wall colour correction. BenQ has taken the most commonly used wall paint colours and made it straightforward for the user to project onto anything from a blackboard to a pink wall.

In the reseller pitch there are another couple of points that need to be underlined. One is the lamp care, which detects the heat of the bulb and prevents it from firing up if the temperature is not right.

Then there is the promise of a lamp life of 4,000 hours, which is quite a timing compared to other offerings on the market.

The other advantage is that, in terms of using the projector for the first time, it is incredibly simple to use and can produce very good results without the need to constantly delve into the manual.

But ultimately the attraction of this projector is that because of the ability to deliver clear and colourful images and to do so with a device that is relatively compact and lightweight, it is going to appeal to a wide market.

In these times of economic gloom, there are those that will simply decide not to take part in the madness and seize hold of any technology that will make them look like good candidates to back in troubled times. They will not be the only ones in the queue to get hold of the MP522 ST.

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