Customers wake up to cyber criminal threat


Customers wake up to cyber criminal threat

Simon Quicke

It seems to have taken a fairly long time for the message to get through to customers but finally the vast majority understand criminals are behind security attacks.

The days of the lonely teenage virus writer are long gone and with 91% of companies reporting that they perceive cyber crime to be a major risk in a Finjan survey customers appear to have accepted that.

According to the vendor's Q2 Trend Report the awareness of data theft is not far behind an understanding that cyber criminals are involved in the market.

"As the Web has become the major malware infection channel, crimeware-filtering capability has become a critical component in organizations' Web security strategy," said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, chief technology officer at Finjan.

"Our web security survey report provides an important insight on how organizations perceive cyber crime today and their preferred solution to prevent it.," he added.

Security vendors have been pushing the cyber crime message for a fair while, including at events like InfoSec,but it has taken a fair while for the message to sink in among users.

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