Integralis warns of cache poisoning


Integralis warns of cache poisoning

Simon Quicke

In the security market the identification of a new threat is something of a regular occurrence but the latest to be identified by Integralis is something resellers should be warning customers about.

The security specialist has uncovered DNS cache poisoning that works by rerouting web browser and e-mail traffic to servers without the security systems in place being aware of any problems.

Graham Jones, UK managing director at Integralis, said that because of the growth of hosted services this sort of attack would have serious repercussions

"With e-mail and browser based 'in the cloud' applications playing a major part in day-to-day business transactions, a security breach of this kind could have catastrophic business and personal implications. Identity Theft and Business Espionage are immediate threats and stolen competitive information could be sold to the highest bidder," he said.

He added that the security vulnerability had been found in the control of the internet Domain Name System.

Players in the industry have been constantly warning of increasing criminal activity with personal details in great demand.

Only yesterday Con Malon, EMEA Consumer Product Marketing Director at Symantec, warned that the Olympics was going to be used as a cover for spam, phishing and other malware attacks.

He called for greater vigilance and said that even website's that could appear to be reputable could be used in phishing schemes.

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