Application failure rates costing companies


Application failure rates costing companies

Simon Quicke

Most users have got used to the idea that their systems will crash at some point but the levels of disruption caused by application failure is worryingly high.

According to research from Freeform Dynamics the implications of application failure can result in real financial loss as well as frustration.

Martin Atherton, research director at Freeform Dynamics, said that there was a high number of companies (20%) that reported that the loss of applications had a financial impact.

He added that a great deal of the problems lay in the in-house development that took place between departments without enough of the right people being included in the process to ensure the finished programme met the needs of users.

"There aren't processes that bring together the right people and the applications can't do what those that are not involved in the process want them to," he said.

He added that 24 per cent of its large user survey reported experiencing an application problem at least once a week and that resulted in disruption with some services, like email, being lost to users.

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