BSA welcomes tough sentencing for software pirate


BSA welcomes tough sentencing for software pirate

Simon Quicke

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has applauded the decision by Derby Crown Court to follow-up a jail term for Gary Scrimshaw for breach of intellectual property with a demand for £15,931.

Scrimshaw was the first person convicted of piracy with most cases usually ending in an out of court settlement before the sentencing stage and faces a further eight months if he cannot find the money the court is asking for.

Scrimshaw was caught by Trading Standards in a raid in 2006 with 11,500 CDs and DVDs including software from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and Symantec.

In the past the likes of the BSA have shared reseller frustration that a prison term might serve as a more powerful warning than a settlement, the details of which are usually undisclosed.

Najeeb Khan, Vice Chair, BSA UK Member committee, said that the consequences pf the case were clear: "It sends a very clear message that the consequences of piracy can be severe and that serious offenders will be pursued all the way."

"Mr. Scrimshaw was not only robbing creators of intellectual property of the rewards for their efforts, but also duping consumers and damaging the local and national economies," he added.

Recent IDC figures revealed that the UK level of piracy stands at 26% costing the channel in terms of lost revenue, marketing funds and potential employment opportunities.

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