2e2 gets the movie-making bug


2e2 gets the movie-making bug

I thought there was little that could top Comstor's attempt at movie-making history (and bear in mind I've seen Inception), but my attention was drawn today to infrastructure integrator 2e2, which has just released its first contribution to the oeuvre of channel celluloid.

In contrast to Comstor's high-octane thrill ride, 2e2 has gone for more of an Alan Bennett 'Talking Heads' style monologue from CEO Terry Burt, but with overtones of a well-crafted psychological thriller.

I have to say I think 2e2 might have edged this one, from the low-fi camera quality to the vase of flowers (surely meaningful in some way, perhaps signifying Morse), and that strange and illegible word printed on the backdrop kept me guessing right to the end, in fact, I think the director's decision to leave the mystery unresolved is a true masterstroke.

The plan is actually to drive 2e2 customers to the launch of the firm's One Contact go-to-market proposition through social media channels such as YouTube. The proposition is designed to deliver more services, such as IP telephony, virtualisation and the like, at lower-cost into the £21bn UK contact centre industry. Further details can be found at 2e2's website.

It occurs to me that there is clearly a wealth of untapped cinematic talent in the channel, so I invite your own submissions. I think we could have a new genre on our hands. Maybe we could even give out an award at the 2011 ACEs.

This was first published in July 2010

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