An audit is the first step to a better service


An audit is the first step to a better service

The decision by Check Point to offer resellers up to  £600 of incentives for every 10 security assessments they carry out is an interesting one.

It seems to indicate that resellers could be getting alot more out of carrying out audits and helping customers identify where the latest threats are coming from.

The 3D assessment tool runs in real-time and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a users current levels of protection.

It is bound to lead to a conversation where the reseller can make suggestions for additional products and security services the customer can buy.

The advantage of getting paid for doing it, compared to the usual approach of offering it as a free service on the expectation of making money afterwards, is that both the reseller and the customer win.

The reseller gets the incentives and money from upselling but the customer also gets that warm feeling knowing that they are better protected.

An audit might seem to be a simple thing but Check Point is encouraging its partners to head up the value chain and this is where that process will start for many. It will be interesting to see whether or not others will follow suit.

This was first published in March 2012

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