Apple faces exodus of customers over 'gay conversion' app


Apple faces exodus of customers over 'gay conversion' app

Apple's app store has been very successful - the recently launched Mac app store has also been doing very nicely thank you - but the company has found itself in a number of compromising positions over how it decides which apps can go into the store and which can't.

In December 2009, for instance, it banned an app called NewsToons from Mark Fiore. In April 2010, Fiore won a Pulitzer prize. Whoops.

Now, according to the PInk Paper, Apple has managed to annoy a lot of gay people by allowing an app from an organisation called Exodus International. The christian group just happens to believe that people can be turned away from being gay through the power of prayer. On its web site it says the answer to the question of whether people who "experience same-sex attraction can overcome those temptations and lead a life of sexual integrity" is "yes". 

The app has a 4+ rating which, according to Apple's definitions, means it contains "no objectionable content". Maybe Apple should reconsider after looking at the comments from App Store customers. "How did this get approved?" asks one. "Homophobic rubbish," says another. Someone else states: "As a straight man I find this app offensive and totally inappropriate...I am disgusted with Apple and will think twice before I purchase any more Apple products until this is removed from the site."

Looks like quite a few people find it objectionable.

Postscript: Sometimes, even though we live in a wired world, news seems to travel very slowly. The Pink Paper story appeared today but according to the App Store, the app was released on 15 February.

This was first published in March 2011

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