Apple makes right call with delayed Japanese iPad 2 launch


Apple makes right call with delayed Japanese iPad 2 launch

There are moments when real life is bigger than a technology launch and so perhaps it is a wise decision of Apple to delay the iPad 2 launch in Japan.

The vendor has announced that it will indefinitely delay the 25 March launch as the country gets back on its feet following the terrible events of the last few days.

Before the cynics raise the idea that it's something to do with component shortages the vendor has already denied that is a factor.

Okay so the sales figures would have been down as a result of people having their minds elsewhere and that might not have played too well for a vendor keen to always talk about large shipment numbers but I'd like to think this is being done for the right reasons.

The iPad 2 might be a sleek, trendy product but it doesn't have the ability to solve the problems caused by earthquakes, a tsunami and radiation leaks. A delayed launch is the right decision.

This was first published in March 2011

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