Apple sparks the queues again


Apple sparks the queues again

The words 'iPad' and 'queues' seem to go hand in hand whenever there is a major product launch and sure enough its happened again.

Apple fans down under queued up to get their mitts on the latest iPad giving the vendor the sort of exposure that money can't buy. You just know that those pictures of people waiting for hours and then rushing through open doors and reaching out across fully manned tills w file9221303090871.pngill go round the world.

When the iPad version one came out in the UK I remember walking past a couple of people who were sitting on garden chairs outside the Apple store on Regent Street. Hours later, at midnight, their beaming faces were the ones the cameras focused on as they left the store clutching their tablets.

Having only queued for long periods for things a couple of times, Cure tickets and the last Harry Potter book, I can partially relate to those that wait for hours on end to get their hands on a product first.

But be clear about the motivation of those sitting on the garden chairs with their places carved out in the queue on the pavement.

The moment most of them are waiting for isn't when they get the product or even those few minutes afterwards outside the store. It's the chance to tweet, text and phone friends to let them know they have got the latest iPad and then bask in the white hot glow of their jealousy.

It's that gets most of them queing for hours.

This was first published in March 2012

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