Are hacks being lured into a seedy world of dishonesty?


Are hacks being lured into a seedy world of dishonesty?

Britain's coding elite are being attracted to the dark side, warns Idappcom

Claims by top security boffin Brian Krebs, that unworldly code writers are being lured into a life of crime by carefully-worded job adverts, have been backed by Idappcom, which has been tracking this worrying trend for more than six months.

Hacks are being programmed for the dark side, lured into this sordid world by the promise of easy money.

"Cybercriminal organisations don't have to pay taxes as legitimate companies do. This is what gives them the financial edge in luring the elite coders," said Ray Bryant, Idappcom's CEO.

Editors comment:
Six months? It's been going on a lot longer than that. I remember an episode of The Sweeney in 1975, when a young John Hurt played a computer programmer who'd had his head turned by villains. He ended up hacking into a gold bullion lorry and diverting it to the docks, where armed robbers ambushed it.

I can still remember the command he typed onto the green screen. "Divert Gold Bullion lorry to docks". 

They knew how to programme in those days. You try telling that to young people today, and they'll laugh at you.

This was first published in June 2011

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