As Plantronics hits 50 its story shows we all need to talk differently


As Plantronics hits 50 its story shows we all need to talk differently

This year there seem to be a fair few anniversaries as channel players reach certain milestones in their history.

Headset specialist Plantronics has hit 50 and via a web cast into a rather plush room in the Ritz an assembled audience got the chance to hear from the CEO about where it has come from and where it is going.

Where it has come from proved to be more interesting than you might have thought with the firm starting off providing airline pilots with headsets then the astronauts on Nasa missions to the moon before developing into the computer headset market.

Over the years the need for clarity and quality has never dropped but what has changed is the way that people are using products.

As the CEO Ken Kannappan commented the future is one of mobility and flexibility with the average user wanting to talk not just from various potential locations, not just the office, but via numerous devices and software packages.

The challenge to provide a quality communications experience over the next 50 years is one that firms like Plantronics have a role in but it has now got to the stage where this is a wider cultural issue and the clock is ticking on those millions of firms that stick to Victorian work practices and fail to liberate and hand mobility to their staff.

The technology is there, and continues to get better, but what we all want and need to see over the next 50 years is a change in the way we all work and communicate.

This was first published in January 2011

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