Be Smart


Be Smart

Many employees are given smartphones by their employers. But have those employers stopped to write a policy on how these devices should be used? According to Spring Technology, an IT Recruitment firm, the etiquette for smartphone use is unclear and they offer some tips:

Firstly employees need to know why they've been given the device. Is it a perk or a means to an end? Employees then need to be told to keep work and private communications separate - it'll save embarrassing emails and texts being attributed to a business.

Employees should be told that the smartphone isn't a way of extending the day to get closer to deadlines. Similarly, employees shouldn't be expected to be available 24/7 - it's not good for morale. However, this rule needs some form of differentiation between the grades of staff, say trainees and company directors. At the same time, if clients are given a number to call in emergencies, make sure it's rotated amongst all staff for fairness.

Finally - give your staff guidance on what is allowed when it comes to using the device on foreign travels, whether that is private or for business. No-one likes nasty bills.

This was first published in October 2011

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