Blow that whistle to get some extra cash


Blow that whistle to get some extra cash

If I was to leave an employer under a cloud I wonder if a quick chat with the person responsible for software management could be a wise investment.

Imagine if, and this is strictly hypothetical, they said over a couple of beers that they thought that the software the company used was not all being paid for. Well if that's the case I could be in for a killing.

The experience of the whistle blower who informed on non-payment by his former firm for use of Microsoft and Adobe software was to be rewarded to the tune of £10,000 because the settlement reached £100,000.

Good work if you can get it and an attractive supplementary income in these cash strapped times.

But before you start to construct a sentence which includes the phrases "callous, money sucking swine" remember my actions would be for the good of the channel.

Oh yes the reward is nothing compared to the knowledge that a reseller will benefit from another legitimate sale.

Now remind me, what was that whistleblower hotline again....

This was first published in September 2010

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