Bring your own is helping Apple


Bring your own is helping Apple

One of the best things that could happen for Apple is the widespread adoption of the Bring Your Own Computer movement which is starting to have a real impact across customers.

One example given to me this week will stick in the mind for a long time. Talking to a vendor with a background in virtualisation my contact revealed that it had provided staff with the option to buy their own technology out of the corporate purse.

The result was that 40% chose an Apple device indicating that not far off half the company were not happy with the Windows and desktop PC environment that they had been working in for so long.

When asked what that spending on Apple actually meant it was a range of products including the iPad. Those with the tablet really are the best adverts for Apple being so enthusiastic about the product getting it out and showing it off.

The result is that for the first time for most staff there might be an opportunity soon to buy technology that not only works but looks good and is something they are happy to carry around.

That is all good news for Apple and perhaps its the unforeseen consequences of the bring your own attitude that will help the Mac vendor get its feet back into the corporate sector in a way it hasn't enjoyed for a long time.

This was first published in November 2010

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