Brothers grim?
Many years ago when I first started covering the channel the idea of brothers working together in a family firm was a fairly common one.

There were brothers in retail at Tempo and families working side by side in distribution and in public at least these relationships seemed to flow quite easily.

So when it comes to watching what is happening at the Labour party conference with the Miliband brothers it is interesting to see things in the political world not going so smoothly.

In around half an hour David Miliband is expected to walk away from front bench politics for a while finding it difficult to work with his brother.  I don't blame him in one sense because had my brother trumped me to the editorship of MicroScope and expected me to be a happy deputy that would have been a nightmare.

But as David steps out in front of the cameras maybe he should spare a thought for those brotherly relationships that do work well. The channel has a few he could learn from and no doubt so do other worlds. For some reason the names of Bobby and Jack Charlton spring to mind at this point.

What ever happens I wish David good luck. Us older brothers have to stick together.

This was first published in September 2010

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