Buying protection for your iPad and iPhone on Speck


Buying protection for your iPad and iPhone on Speck

iPad 2 Pixel Skin HD Cobalt Photo5.jpg
Speck is the worldwide leader (isn't everyone?) in iPad, iPhone, MacBook cases and covers. It also sells a massive range of other electronic device accessories. 

I quite like this Cobalt Blue skin for the iPad.

(Ahem. Cough. Are you listening PR people?)

Hang on, what am I talking about? I don't take bribes from PR people. 

Besides, I haven't even got an iPad.

Although I do have one of those new tablets from Motorola. Expect a review soon.

Clockwork_Orange - Out of Print.jpg  

This Clockwork Orange skin for the iPhone is truly horrorshow.

As the PR man says, these covers are not your knock-off Nigel, market stall 'diamond' clad Gucci covers, but premium protectors of all things tech related.

TimeToRock lifestyle 1.jpg

This is the Time to Rock, which is some sort of protection for your phone while you're dancing.

It's a look that says "I've got a lot of disposable income to spend on accessories."

This was first published in April 2011

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