Can unified comms save your marriage? Maybe, maybe not


Can unified comms save your marriage? Maybe, maybe not

At first glance, I have to admit there's something very worrying in research from Avaya that shows a tenth of decision makers in British and German SMEs blaming overwork for the break-up of their marriages.

The research also found a further 27% suffered from marriage or relationship problems, 56% experienced stress and 33% were victims of poor health as a result of spending too much time at work.

According to Avaya, flexible working could be one of the best ways to address these stresses and strains. The company says 83% of those surveyed believed flexible working helped to ease the pressures of working life. It also found 76% of SMEs were offering employees some degree of flexible working but questioned whether it was flexible enough given that people spent an average of 74% of their working week at their desks.

All very interesting, especially if you're in the business of helping to make flexible working a reality with tools and products such as unified communications, but the question I have is this: how many of those stressed or failed relationships were really down to overwork and how many would have failed anyway? After all, it's very easy to blame work even if the real reason is something much more fundamental. Just asking.

This was first published in August 2011

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