Cars rather than computers getting the ad money


Cars rather than computers getting the ad money

Where it was once computer adverts that grabbed the attention in the breaks in Super Bowl coverage this time around it looks set to be cars that are being plugged in the moments between the action.

Volkswagon and Audi are just two of those that have secured highly coveted ad spots during next month's highly viewed sporting contest between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

The irony is of course that an industry even older than computing, the automobile business, is in a position to spend serious money on promoting its products. Cars have been hammered in the recession but maybe they are bouncing back and for those that have a bit more money to spend a new motor rather than a tablet might be tempting.

Apart from cars expect food to be pushed but when it comes to the ad breaks but for computers maybe this isn't the year to be shouting out. Little to get excited about on the operating system front - too early for Windows 8  -  and inbetween a lot of hardware refreshes maybe this year its about spending on the transport that gets the customer to the reseller.

This was first published in January 2012

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