Channel could get some business in a limited online world


Channel could get some business in a limited online world

As the latest text came through from one supplier offering unlimited broadband at home my eyes were caught by a blog post from the founder of who was discussing the same subject.

Sebastien Lahtinen is talking about a subject that is increasingly becoming a hot potato with the Advertising Standards Authority currently holding a review to try and weed out those unlimited offers that actually contain limits in the small print.

Those like Lahtinen who are opting for honesty argue that unlimited broadband is a phrase that is increasingly becoming redundant as we all have to face up to the reality that the web is creaking under the weight of the current usage.

If you think that the current level of applications and videos is making life difficult, and the cloud is growing as route of providing another way of connecting, things are only just starting to get problematic for those selling broadband.

I'm not legal expert but I suspect that the ASA will come out and say that those stating an offer is unlimited when in actual fact it is capped at a gigabyte or two will be told they cannot do that anymore.

Welcome to the new world where if you miss Eastenders on tv then you can watch it on iPlayer but you may well end up paying for it. That will change the consumer world and on the business front the channel might well spend the next year or so helping users understand the limits and helping them control costs. That infrastructure consultancy business could well be the silver lining.

This was first published in July 2010

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