Channel plays key role in supply chain excellence


Channel plays key role in supply chain excellence

It is often quite hard to be able to put your hand on research that demonstrates the value of the channel from an independent third party but when something does come along it can be a great source of encouragement.

Take the latest AMR Research Supply Chain Top 25 for 2010 list as an example. The companies on this list have excelled at managing their supply chain from manufacturing right down to the customer experience.

At the top of the tree sits Apple, followed in third place by Cisco and then the top ten is populated by a series of other household IT names Dell (5th), Samsung Electronics (7th), IBM (8th) and Research in Motion (9th).

Kevin O'Marah, group vice president at AMR Research, said that anyone wanting to learn from the best about the way to build a solid supply chain had to start working back from customer through reseller and back to the vendor.

"In designing your own supply chain strategy, take a cue from the leaders: Work outside-in, starting with your customers and working your way back and around your network of trading partners to design a profitable response," he said.

He is of course bang on the money and those companies that just expect value to be added by those reluctantly pushing pallets onto the back of trucks have a great deal to learn.

Sadly the research didn't come with large letters saying "the channel is great" but it has to be said with a high degree of confidence that surely without resellers a lot more of those tech firms would struggle to make the list.

This was first published in June 2010

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