Claranet takes blame for new Big Brother website


Claranet takes blame for new Big Brother website

I want to applaud Claranet for its honesty, earlier this week the managed services provider gamely owned up to having provided web services to Channel 5 for the latest disastrous series of Big Brother, which let's be frank, had pretty much run its course 10 years ago.

The firm stepped up to provide Channel 5 with a high bandwidth, high availability infrastructure for a new website with OD video capabilities, and a Facebook app, backed up on an Amazon Web Services IaaS platform.

It was designed to handle 45,000 page impressions a second, said Claranet, although given the size of the Big Brother audience, I can't help thinking this wasn't much of a challenge for them.

Paul Thornton-Jones of Channel 5 drew the short straw when the press release was being drafted: "The application hosting needed to be able to cope with huge and unpredictable traffic spikes.

"To be affordable however, this capacity needed to be scalable so that Channel 5 were [sic] not paying considerable sums during periods of low demand," he said.

Or any demand at all, in fact.

Still, at least it wasn't the website of something truly hideous, eh? Some poor sod must be hosting Simon Cowell's website. I wonder where their press release is.

This was first published in October 2011

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