Cloud? Don't talk to me about cloud!


Cloud? Don't talk to me about cloud!

The BBC will be forced to run endless repeats because of the cuts, so were told.

Good. I'd love to see a repeat of a documentary from the '90s about a charming man called Alan Sugar.

Particularly the bit where a member of staff asks about email. Sugar gets particularly irate at the mention of this passing fancy.

Drawing himself up to his full height, he bellows: "Email? Bladdy email! Down chew talk to me abart bladdy email. You want me to EMAIL your wages to you, eh? See how you like that!"

Lovely man. He must be a joy to work for. I can't understand why people keep resigning. He's a visionary. He was right in every aspect about email wasn't he?

Well, apart from being wrong.

I wonder what the great man would have to say about cloud computing? I only ask because, to some people, Alan Sugar is the poster boy for the channel. And some say the channel hasn't been famously open minded about investing in new opportunities; they'd rather do an Alan Sugar. 

Simon Howitt, channel director at Outsourcery, is hoping to change this mindset because, he says, the customers want it. Like Alan Sugar's hapless employee, they're starting to smuggle these new fangled ideas into work. 

"In many instances channel players are lagging behind their customers experiences and as such don't promote the virtue of the cloud," says Howitt.

This will not deter customers, he says, they'll just go elsewhere for advice. The channel needs to respond to this and create their own position and strategy for the cloud.

"They need a cloud champion or champions within their business who will passionately promote the virtues of the cloud," he says.

As technology is consumerised, all kinds of applications will become inexplicably popular. A bit like Alan Sugar.

Claaaaad computing? Dan chew towk to me abart clard computing!

This was first published in October 2011

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