Cloud services must be buyable, pliable and reliable, says Extreme Networks

 Unless you monitor cloud services you will never deliver the service levels customer want. And their SLAs will be very demanding. So Extreme Networks has partnered with Nimsoft to provide the sort of detailed inspection needed for fine tuning cloud services.
Equipment vendor Extreme Networks and cloud performance manager Nimsoft are colluding to give cloud service providers better management of their resources.

It could make all the difference between profit and loss, as service level agreements prove to be the deal breakers in the new cloud services market.

Managed hosting and cloud service providers desperately lack a decent monitoring service, and this could fill the gap.

Extreme Networks is using its automated open network design, based on its ExtremeXOS operating system, to integrate with Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS). 

The fusion of these two systems will, they claim, offer real-time visibility of the network to its customers with NMS dashboards and reports.
 "Customers want hosts that are cost effective, adaptable, and rock solid," said Gary Read, Nimsoft CEO. 

In other words, buyable, pliable and reliabl

This was first published in March 2011

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