Column: Get ready for the Big IPV6 Society


Column: Get ready for the Big IPV6 Society

Have you ever fallen victim to short keys? You know the type of thing. With one movement you highlight everything. With the next you delete it all.

Cogenta can top that. They've created a way for you to build a virtual data centre in two clicks of a mouse, according to ISP Claranet. Imagine explaining that to IT support! You'd think, being a market intelligence firm, Cogenta would know better.

On the subject of intelligence, a new study (paid for by Vodafone, carried out by YouGov) suggests that most British workers think team-building events are a waste of time.

Assault courses, bush tucker trials, bikini-clad bed-baths and lingerie parties are all counter productive, says the study. Hang on, Lingerie parties? Good grief!

As an antidote, some taxpayers tried to pool their money and collectively pay for community facilities, such as schools and hospitals. Now that's what I call team building! Come on Vodafone, let us know what you're contributing to the common good.

Talking about society breaking down, what are we going to do when all the IP addresses run out? IP addresses are of strategic importance, according to Charles Davis, CEO of SAS.

When they become a scarce resource, like water and oil, will we start fighting over them, Mad Max style? Stranger things have happened. Will developing countries miss out as all the IP addresses were snaffled by the West? Will this shortage prevent the Internet of Things taking over the world? Or will the machines talk to each other and work out a way they can steal all the IP addresses from us?

I will report back next week, once I have attended the briefing on IPV6 with SAS. But until then, we should all pull together. Not you Vodafone. You're obviously exempt from team-building.

This was first published in February 2012

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