Column: Not all hackers are smart


Column: Not all hackers are smart

Technology, as we all know, is "an enabler" that can bring a lot of benefits. And 26 year old Hungarian Attila Nemeth (what a great name), was keen to demonstrate just what a great enabler it could be by using his talent with computers to get some clear and measurable benefits, writes Billy MacInnes.
According to a story from Agence France-Press, Attila deployed his technological "skill" to hack into the computers of Marriott (of hotel fame) International and copy confidential information.

In November 2010 he told the company what he had done and threatened to publish the information unless Marriott gave him a job maintaining the computers he had hacked into.

As job pitches go, this doesn't sound like the best way to impress a future employer, unless its a major criminal gang, but Attila obviously thought it would work.

So he was probably delighted when Marriott's human resources department paid for him to fly to Dulles Airport for a job interview.

"How about that for return on investment?", he might have asked himself on the flight over.  During the course of the "interview", Attila was more than happy to reveal how he had accessed the computers, what information he had taken and where he had stored the data.

And then, after the interview, he was arrested. 

Now, the point here is that technology may well have "enabled" Attila to break into Marriott's computers and take confidential information, but it couldn't stop him from being an idiot.

This was first published in November 2011

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