Column: Why do you want to go and get 'VARs in Your Eyes?'


Column: Why do you want to go and get 'VARs in Your Eyes?'

Like everyone in the channel who's got an eye on the next big thing, I'm looking forward to Discovering Start-Ups 2011 on December 8th

Resellers always welcome the chance to work with new partners. For start ups, it's a good chance to find some VARS. Personally speaking, I like the drama because it's a bit like the IT industry's answers to a talent show.

Here are some of my favourites for this year's Search For A VAR...

Ellexus: This small modifiable programme can accelerate script development to control complicated software.

Meanwhile, scientists from the University of Hertfordshire are developing a range of applications for applying wireless brain-sensing computer games. One of their brainwaves is a range of apps called Games for Life that help people with health difficulties such as ADHD.

Voyage Manager is a web-based travel tracking, management and security service. To the public, it provides businesses with an easy to use and cost efficient platform for managing and monitoring employee travel. But there's more to come. Which you can only discover by attending the show or reading this blog. So don't go away.

Job Hop gives jobseekers an active and passive window to showcase their skills and expertise across the online networks.

There will be some drama when Skrybot addresses the panel. It's a company that excels in speech. Expect some belters, such as specialist dictation for legal and medical purposes, through general dictation, automated telephone call centres, to complex server automated speech recognition systems.

GoSense Wireless specialises in ultra-low power contactless sensors and loggers for temperature, pressure, light, humidity, motion, carbon monoxide and force.

Proxama is aimed at the m2m (machine to machine) market. Also known as The Internet of Things these days (which strikes me as a silly name), Proxama is breaking new ground in near-field communication and contactless technology for proximity and mobile marketing.

And finally, there's Jasper Apps You'll love Jasper's travelogues on the iPhone and iPad.

"Start-ups are the life blood of the wireless industry and are responsible for some of the best innovative ideas and disruptive technologies," said Kumi Thiruchelvam, Director, Strategic Business Development at Broadcom and one of this year's judges.

"Winning Cambridge Wireless; Discovering Start-Ups 2010 was a great experience for us," said Emmanuel Carraud, CEO of MagicSolver "We got great feedback from world class investors and it opened doors for us."

That's the Emmanuel Carraud. Don't you know who he is? He's only the winner of last year's event.

This was first published in December 2011

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