Corporate Social Responsibility - how Sentec technology could help you and your clients save water

Smart water metering could help alleviate the suffering that this summer's drought will impose on the nation. Queens Award winner Sentec could be worth considering, if you're thinking of giving a CSR type freebie to one of your reseller partners or customers.

Sterling is an electromagnetic flow meter. It works by applying a magnetic field to water as it passes through the flow tube and measuring the potential difference. The difference is directly proportional to the speed of the fluid.  

So understanding the speed of the fluid through a cross section of known dimensions means you can calculate the flow.

Sterling provides leak detection, low flow management and anti tamper monitoring. It needs no batteries and it's pretty easy to install. Expect a 15 year life span. 

Despite being a no brainer, it significantly influences consumer behaviour, say the vendors. 

An easy installation for the corporate social responsibility goody two shoes in every office.

Could be a good freebie to give away to customers this summer. It's the gift that shows you care about the environment.

This was first published in May 2011

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