Corporate social responsibility - save the planet with a waterless car cleaner


Corporate social responsibility - save the planet with a waterless car cleaner

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IT company car owners can do their bit for the environment with a waterless car cleaner.

A trigger spray means you don't have to use a hosepipe and bucket to clean your car.

Instead of using water and soapy suds  Mantis Instant Shine has produced a product that can clean cars and save consumers buckets of time, backache and effort. 

By using with a cloth motorists can get a showroom finish in minutes, they claim.
Laboratory tests by automotive laboratory TUV indicate that:
You can clean an average-sized saloon car with 175ml of Instant Shine, which is 22 times less liquid than traditional car shampoo and water.

You can wash and polish a car 40 minutes quicker.

It produces a finish twice as glossy as car shampoo or polish and doesn't scratch or cause swirls.

They claim that Mantis Instant Shine's formula will save the average family a huge 1,400 gallons of water. Better still it saves you time - 15 days in an average adult's lifetime, they claim.

The system needs no extra rinsing, polishing or soaking. It uses high lubricity polymers which latch onto dirt, lifting it away from the surface. Meanwhile gloss boosters give you a perfect shine and a resistant coating that keeps your bodywork sparkling for longer.  So they claim.

Possibly worth a try if you can get it on expenses. I like the idea that it saves you time.

This was first published in May 2011

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