Cut to save £6bn but don't axe compliance expertise


Cut to save £6bn but don't axe compliance expertise

One of the dangers that George Osborne must face as he sits there doodling numbers in the margins of the reports that he is getting given as Chancellor is that he cuts expertise as he trims costs.

What is becoming quite clear is that although a significant proportion of the IT budget is spent keeping the lights on you do need people who know what they are doing to keep those lights on properly.

Take the case of security compliance as an example. The amount of bits and pieces that the average IT director in the public sector has to know is increasing all the time. Not only is the weight of compliance regulations going up but the threats of fines is also something very real.

So when the axe swings and the cuts are made the real fear from some of those at the coalface of security is that good people with important knowledge will be put out onto the streets.

In one sense that could be an opportunity for resellers to fill the gap but of course it relies on having someone in-house who recognises that need to plug those holes and someone determined enough to fight for budget.

As things stand it is a wait and see cliche that fits best but as things move forward and the cuts come in the next few weeks those operating in the security channel will need to keep an eye on what happens with their contacts and customers in the public sector.

This was first published in May 2010

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