Does the Queen joining Flickr mean anything?


Does the Queen joining Flickr mean anything?

So the Royal Family opens a Flickr account and as a result those who live and breathe the web start talking about it being a great sign and time to start talking again about building a digital Britain.

Forgive me for perhaps being a bit of a party pooper but it is hardly likely to be the Queen herself uploading pics of the Polo matches and grouse shoots. It will be some minion in the press office.

Of course that minion will be basking in the glow of the coverage that move will have gained and rightly so but let's not get carried away here.

What would be really great is if I could send a tweet or comment on a picture and have The Queen reply. Of course she won't because she doesn't have the time and she probably doesn't understand the first thing about it.

So is this a sign that the age of digital Britain is dawning? It helps but let's be honest it's not going to change things radically. 

This was first published in July 2010

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