Don't forget the old tech that supports the new


Don't forget the old tech that supports the new

Standing next to another dad waiting to go into the school hall for the nativity we got into talking about what we did for a living. He revealed that he was a web and app developer "working at the sexy end of the industry".

That inevitably made me wonder just what happened to the glitz and glamour of the traditional side of the channel.

Take away the hardware and software that provides our friend with the chance to wear a baseball cap backwards and develop 'digital content' and he would be grasping at straws. I'm sure he acknowledged that debt but many others don't.

It's become too easy to label parts of the industry 'old' and others as 'new'. They are interlinked and if it were not for both working the tech world would not being moving forward.

I might not be able to talk about developing apps, customer facing digital content and games like my new found friend at the school gates but I get to talk about the people who provide him and many others with the tools to be that creative.

Let us not forget that 'old' is sometimes another way of saying 'good' and the solid delivering parts of the industry are exactly that.

This was first published in December 2010

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