Elegant answers - how to funk up your business phone


Elegant answers - how to funk up your business phone

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There's one marketing agency I know of whose offices are like a library, normally.

But, when a client visits, the old codger running the agency puts gangster rap on the sound system, in an attempt to convince the client they are young and funky.

It works, too. When I was there, they won the Citrix account!

There are less desperate ways to give your office a hip, contemporary feel. Surely. I'm buggered if I know what they are. But here's a suggestion.

The POP handset is a bright and funky accessory that offers mobile phone users the convenience and comfort of a traditional telephone with all the functionality of today's most popular devices.

Available in pink, yellow, purple, blue and green soft touch finish, has a fun feel that combines a contemporary edge and a compelling health proposition - the POP phone reduces the users exposure to potentially harmful radiation exposure by up to 96%.

Using a 3.5mm jack (adaptors are available) users can connect the POP phone to a mobile phone, iPad or PC for Skype calls, and are able to enjoy the full functionality of the device whilst making calls. You could be checking your diary, reading emails or dancing like dad at a wedding.

This was first published in August 2011

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