Even before the details are revealed iPad 2 is causing excitement


Even before the details are revealed iPad 2 is causing excitement

Even before the product has hit the shelves, had its functions revealed by the vendor or had its channel strategy unveiled the blogosphere is already rife with talk of iPad 2.

There seems to be a fair amount of consensus that the next version of Apple's tablet will have a front facing camera to enable people to do videoconferencing. There are also some prepared to predict that the screen will be double resolution, although there are issues for the processor power with that move.

Aside from guess work about the functionality there isn't a bookmaker in town that would take money on the product being launched to a fanfare of interest and outselling the first version. Not only does Apple have a loyal following of early adopters but there are plenty of people still yet to take the plunge with the iPad.

Give those floating tablet voters a couple of compelling reasons to go for a fresh products and it should have the tills ringing. A front camera might not be enough and what would really get them queuing up is more credit-crunch friendly pricing.

The chances of that happening with iPad 2.0 are slim but if it creates a more reasonable market in the original version then it could widen the market that way.

Between now and whenever the iPad 2 does see the light of day you can expect plenty of speculation about the product and the price but with Jobs still on leave for illness and question marks being raised about the succession strategy the vendor has for its CEO the firm needs the next product to be a success. There is nothing like healthy profits and sales figures to calm down investor nerves.

This was first published in February 2011

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