Exclusive - the IP hone 5 operators in the UK revealed


Exclusive - the IP hone 5 operators in the UK revealed

Which companies are best at tweaking IP performance? Watch this space as we reveal the quintet of the best companies at fine tuning Internet Protocol - dubbed the IP hone 5.

There are many questions I'd love to ask when I attend IP Expo on October 19th. But sadly, every stall will be manned by a salesman, and they're not the world's greatest listeners. They tend to be one way broadcasters. In networking terms they're great at handshaking, but only half duplex communicators.

Typically, you go to an event like this with a list of questions. Such as:

Communications service providers long for someone to optimise IP service performance. Why has no one done it? What are the consequences of IP's inconsistency?

Who is tackling the problem? What does it involve? What needs to be done?

What tools are available? How good are they? What tools are now available to look deep within an IP network at the performance of IP services? And how can CSPs speed up problem solving for subscribers?

And without fail, they answer it like this:

"We are the world's leading paradigm shifter... truly unique.... having conversations with brands...."

Will IP Expo be any different?

This was first published in October 2011

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