Fancy watching a Rubik Cube movie?


Fancy watching a Rubik Cube movie?

Those of you who thought that Avatar was a good as cinema could get might need to rethink their ideas.

rubik.jpgA movie is being planned around the story of the Rubik Cube. That great icon of the 80s, that you think of in the same breath as Sinclair's Spectrum and the Acorn BBC, apparently has enough to be said about it to make cinema gold dust.

Anyone who remembers Robin Williams getting trapped in the board game Jumanji will recall that previous efforts to make board games the stuff of movies have been mixed at best.

One potential plot could be of someone who spends the entire movie trying to solve the puzzle before finally deciding to peel the stickers off or throwing it against the wall.

We wait for the trailers with bated breath.

This was first published in November 2010

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