Feeling the anger
Cycling home from work last night the timing meant that I arrived in Peckham just as the rioters were spilling over the main street looking for trouble.

My sunglasses were snatched and my back wheel buckled but luckily that's as far as it went and I was able to escape the area.

As I left I looked over my shoulder to see bar stools being thrown at shop windows and police lights flashing in the distance.

We all know what happened last night and what it meant for retailers and the police. But what we don't yet know are the reasons why. That may take a while to find out and although the airwaves and the social networks are full of condemnation the anger that you could almost physically feel on the streets last night was there for a reason and needs to be addressed.

There are times when you are grateful you work in the channel and not in the emergency services facing this sort of trouble. Hopefully it will settle down soon and there will be some positive attempts to find out why young people seem to feel that riots are the only way they can get what they want.

This was first published in August 2011

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