For Kodak the struggle is to stay relevant


For Kodak the struggle is to stay relevant

Kodak is all too well aware of the changes that have happened in its natural markets that have left it now seeking bankruptcy protection.

The digital revolution has not just touched its film operations but also had an impact on its printing activities.

For those of us that grew up with the brand the announcement about its latest moves will perhaps not come as too much of a surprise when you consider the shift that has happened in the film market.

The computer companies got involved in the market a few years ago and you are now just as likely to purchase a Samsung or an HP camera as you were in the past an Olympus (the problems there would fill a separate blog post with hardly a blink) or a Kodak.

But Kodak didn't just sell the cameras it sold everything to do with it from the paper for the professional dark room enthusiasts to the film we all put in the back of the camera to capture our magical moments.

The collapse of that consumables and peripherals side of the film business has been profound and although Kodak was making a lot of noise about printing and ink it is up against some very well established competition there in the forms of HP, Epson and Canon.

No one wants to see a major brand bite the dust and the restructure coming up is going to be a very important time for the firm but unless the management can get to grips with the fundamental shifts that have happened in their markets then the future is a bleak one indeed.

This was first published in January 2012

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