Forget Inter, Rafa, your face fits in the channel


Forget Inter, Rafa, your face fits in the channel

Those regular reader(s) of this blog might recall a story last month when the then Liverpool manager was mistaken for a reseller by two of distribution's finest.

Well given what has happened to Rafa Benitez the words penned back on 11 May now seem prophetic: "Should Rafa leave Liverpool as is widely expected he might well take some comfort from knowing a career in the channel is an option as he clearly has the look of a reseller nailed already."

As this picture taken after Aastra business manager Allan Merten and his colleague Tony Cowen saw Rafa at Watford Gap services shows, the former Liverpool manager looks good when flanked by someone from the channel.
Rafa and Allan.jpg
In the pic, taken by Tony, Rafa is on the left and Allan is on the right.

"We were on our way to Luton to see a customer and had stopped at the services to pick up a Wi-Fi signal to check our e-mails. Tony doesn't know that much about football and when I spotted Rafa and pointed him out to Tony, he responded: Who is he, is he a reseller?" said Merten.

So all we can ask of Rafa at what must be a difficult time working out which banks to put his pay-off millions into, is that before he takes the plunge back into management just cast your mind back to that magic moment at Watford Gap. That could be yours, Rafa, day in and day out if you join the channel.

Yes, maybe you better get your agent to call Inter.

This was first published in June 2010

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