Good bosses need to stand up and allow the fun today


Good bosses need to stand up and allow the fun today

I'm being a good boss today one director of a reseller told me this morning as he reeled off the list of things he was providing for staff this afternoon.

"A big screen, a couple of barrels of beer and some crisps," were being offered to his staff as they watched the England game.

But as we discussed his enlightened attitude we both wondered what would happen if you didn't give staff the time to watch the match.

Imagine the scene:

Reseller sales person: "Hello? Mr customer I'm just calling about your latest order."

Customer: "You not watching the game?"

Reseller: "I'm working. Here at [insert name of firm] we pride ourselves on delivering a 24 hour seven day a week service to our customers."

Customer: "So your boss won't let you watch the game then?"

Reseller: "Well it's not as bad as that. But work has to come first, surely you appreciate that?"

Customer: "Can't really talk now I'll speak to you tomorrow."

The sound of the pips as the phone goes dead.

The action then turns to the customer's office which is full of cheering staff, bunting and a large TV showing the England match.

Customer A: "Who was that on the phone?"

Customer B: "It was our account manager at our reseller. Poor sod isn't allowed to watch the game."

Do you think that the customer thinks better of the reseller? Now what would you do if you wanted to be a 'better boss'. It's pretty simple isn't it.

This was first published in June 2010

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