Have you heard the word about Hurd's latest bird?


Have you heard the word about Hurd's latest bird?

The story of the summer refuses to die as further allegations about Mark Hurd's sex life emerged yesterday, following reports that he had a romantic dalliance with a married vice president of sales at Sun Microsystems.

Traditionally, the IT industry slows in the holiday season which forces journalists to become a bit more creative but Hurd's resignation from HP in the first week of August and his subsequent move to rival Oracle was manna from heaven.

HP cleared Hurd of sexual harassment claims made by a former marketing contractor and soft-core porn actress Jodie Fisher but found he has falsified expenses and forced him to stand down with immediate effect.

However, in the latest allegations, the female executive at Sun did not spurn Hurd's affections. She has not been named and it is not clear if she still works at Oracle-owned Sun Micro, it is possible given the wholesale changes that she has left or was made redundant.

Hurd has to be admired for his achievements during the five years he spent at HP; taking HP to the top of the PC market and completing a series of acquisitions that turned HP into the largest IT company on the planet.  

Clearly I did not know Hurd personally but, along with partners, I attended plenty of press conferences and publicly he always struck me as quite a humourless chap, but someone that had a very keen eye for figures.

I always thought it was the top and bottom lines he was most interested in, clearly not.

This was first published in October 2010

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