How the channel could survive a cloud - we're still none the wiser


How the channel could survive a cloud - we're still none the wiser

Everyone knows that the advent of cloud computing could destroy the IT channel.

If cloud computing delivers everything it promises (and that's a big if, mind you) then buying IT will be the work of a few mouse clicks.

Suddenly, resellers and systems integrators will seem like superfluous middle men, who add nothing to the process except a massive markup. People will naturally think - who needs these blood suckers?

Which is a bit unfair on all the clever consultants out there who have got years of invaluable business and technology experience.

So, what how do the channel players react? How do they survive the hype of the cloud?

With this in mind, you might consider attending a seminar advising 'The Channel' on strategies for surviving Cloud Computing.

Or maybe not. If this advice from a recent round table event is typical of the return you'll get for investing your time then take my advice; don't bother!

Think about how you can deliver cloud as a value-added proposition.

You don't say!

Use the relationships you already have with customers.


Become a trusted advisor on how to migrate to cloud.

As opposed to, what, a furtive supplier?

Don't ignore it. Channel partners MUST have a proposition.

Promote your services as part of an eco-system of suppliers.

Do resellers enjoy being patronised like this? I'm only asking.

This was first published in June 2011

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