How would you spin the Blackberry downtime?


How would you spin the Blackberry downtime?

It's tragic how fate is treating RIM. Blackberry was the standard bearer for mobile computing and now these difficulties threaten to destroy RIM.

Even distinguished figures such as Piers Morgan are taking to Twitter to condemn the service. All we need now are some harsh words from Jordan and Chris Huhne and I fear RIM is done for.

We cannot let this happen.

Come on, all you spin doctors, reputation managers, profile raisers, game changers and just plain old public relations gurus. Surely we can put recent events in a positive light.

Any suggestions?

Do you want to hear my ideas? [Oh go on then - Ed]

Maybe we should look at the positives. Surely, a bit of downtime is good for you. Can't we talk about the health benefits of weaning people off their crackberries? Would it kill us to have a few days when we're not hunched over a gadget? Maybe RIM is helping us all to re-evaluate our lives, in which case we should thank them.

What about blaming a nameless foe? I don't know about you, but only one name came to mind when I heard about Blackberry's problems. Yeah. You know who I mean don't you? Would it be a good idea to circulate a rumour that the hidden hand of You Know Who was behind all this?

No on second thoughts, that's rubbish.

Surely you've got some good ideas you can share.

Gather round the water cooler, you guys. It's time for a thought shower.

This was first published in October 2011

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