IT? It's useless without proper context


IT? It's useless without proper context

How come IT creates so many disasters? Because there's no context to it. Information and data on their own are very dangerous. Take these different examples of intelligence.

What does data tell you? "It's red, it's small and it's round."  

And information? "It's a tomato." 

Knowledge? "A tomato is a fruit."

These types of intelligence are all very well. But only context tells me never to put a tomato in my fruit salad. Again.

That's what this column intends to bring you. Context.

Every day, the IT industry will be throwing their fruity colourful communications at this column.

Some will be green, some ripe and some shouldn't be on the market!

IT in Context will digest them all. We'll serve you the tastiest offerings and warn you about the green, the rotten and the sell by data offenders.

Keep those tomatoes coming.

This was first published in November 2010

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