IT workers know how to stop criminals


IT workers know how to stop criminals

It gives you a sense of pride to hear that among the 50 or so people who stopped a raid on a jewellers yesterday by pinning down one of the thieves some of them are being described as 'IT Workers'.

You see people who know about computers clearly also know not just their right from wrong but how to detain a criminal. Very handy attributes.

In a nutshell, for those that have missed the episode, there have been a series of raids on upmarket jewellers in London where gangs drive up on motorbikes, smash the windows with hammers and then ride off with millions worth of jewels into the distance.

That was the plan for yesterday when a group of five men rolled up on three bikes with their hammers outside Ernest Jones in Kensington. They got as far as smashing the windows but as they tried to get away members of the public detained one of the gang. Two more were later caught by the police.

It's great to see the raid being foiled but also good for once to see IT workers, often seen on the likes of the TV show The IT Crowd as nerds and geeks, rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in.

A word to the wise, but next time you fancy getting abusive over the performance of the server or cursing over an attachment that won't open remember, when you call IT support, these people are not scared of masked men armed with hammers.

This was first published in October 2010

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