IT workers shun Wimbledon to go job-hunting! It's the tenuous link of the week award!

Network Noise is no stranger to the bizarre press release, but this has to take the treble-chocolate chocolate-coated biscuit as far as tenuous links go.

Turns out that during the Wimbledon ladies final between Petra Kvitkova and Maria Sharapova, IT job applications soared over 900 per cent.

And this, dear reader, proves in the eyes of at least one person that IT is still a male-dominated profession.

No, I don't quite understand either, but your dedicated servant as I am, I read on to try to make some sense out of this.

Business and technology staffing company ReThink Recruitment says it received over 300 online applications during the match, versus the 30 it would normally receive during the same period on a Saturday.

"The reason for this spike may be that they had time to kill as their spouses wanted to stay in and watch the match," said ReThink director Mike Bennett.

Er. What?

Okay, IT is very much a male-dominated profession, and while we are fully aware of the need to address this, I still can't quite see how Mike managed to draw that conclusion. 

In fact I could see there being more than a few IT pros who would rather appreciate the ladies' final...

Coming up next week; we look at how 40 per cent of tennis players visited SportsDirect.com during IP Expo! What does this prove? I don't know, but we'll think of something.

This was first published in July 2011

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