If PSG is not for sale why did Leo say it might be?


If PSG is not for sale why did Leo say it might be?

You have to wonder why the prospect of a sale of Hewlett-0Packard's Personal Systems Group was even raised if ever since it was mentioned the vendor has done all it can to quash sales talk.

I have been at events where resellers have shared the view that HP has left the PC market as not only a fact but as if it has already happened. They are surely not alone in taking that view and it must be doing quite a lot of damage to the vendor.

Competitors have already chipped in to add to the uncertainty as well to make sure they can reap any channel and customer defections.

So over the last few weeks it has been no surprise to see the idea of a spin-off, presumably much like Procurve was, gaining ground with HP executives giving briefings indicating that's the way things will go.

But the repeated calls of commitment and 'in it for the long-term' type statements keep bringing you back to that original strategic statement from the CEO Leo Apotheker.

He could have avoided a lot of the current fire fighting if he had moved quickly to calm the sale talk and could have helped his UK management a lot more if he perhaps hadn't been so keen to talk about it in the first place.

Resellers might now be getting more clarity around the non-sale but there are plenty in the market yet to get that message and plenty of opportunities for the confusion to continue.

This was first published in September 2011

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