If the MacBook Pro is "the last notebook you'll ever need", what's the point of making any more?

Apple hasn't been slow to trumpet the InfoWorld review for its latest MacBook Pro and it's not hard to see why when reviewer Tom Yager waxes so enthusiastically about it to the point where he states: "After more than two weeks of continuous testing, it's hard for me to imagine what I'd want in a notebook in three to five years time that MacBook Pro doesn't deliver right now."

This statement follows hard on the heels of the phrase which Apple has chosen to headline the bulletin it placed on its Apple Hot News RSS feed: "The last notebook you'll ever need."

While, on the face of it, this appears to be a massive endorsement of the product, I wonder if, upon reflection, Apple might have been better advised not drawing quite so much attention to it. If the new MacBook Pro really is the last notebook you will ever need, who is going to buy the new models when they come out next year and the year after that? Should Apple just give up making new models for a couple of years or more and concentrate on other things?

Can I just add how glad I am that Yager stressed it was the technical merits of the new MacBook Pro that qualified it to be the last notebook you'll ever own. Otherwise, some people might be inclined to think it might be down to something more sinister. Just as well no one called it a "killer notebook".

This was first published in March 2011

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