If we build it will they come?


If we build it will they come?

There is an expression 'if you build it they will come' but what happens when they don't? This is a question that is asked with more and more regularity as channel players look to launch new initiatives and engage with social media platforms worried that having spent some time and effort doing so the pay back will not be immediate or good enough to convince those that signed off the investment it was worth making.

If the problem is bad now then it will only get worse in the future as we all become bombarded by more sites and places to find information.

The conclusions that I can draw based on the experience of this blog is that it is all well and good bashing out and sharing some thoughts but what you really need to do is tell people about it.

The same is true for any channel activities. Blowing the trumpet is going to be an essential part of grabbing attention. Even if you think that everyone is blowing theirs and making a lot of noise you still have to do it. Fail to do any promotion and you will end up wondering why no one came.

This was first published in July 2010

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