International Women's Day web site hit by DoS attacks


International Women's Day web site hit by DoS attacks

It says something about the hacking community that the International Women's Day website has been the subject of three denial of service (DoS) attacks today (8 March), the centenary of International Women's Day.

According to the website, it was subjected to a "number of massive 5 gigabytes per second denial of service attacks". The web site's founder, Glenda Stone, said women's spirits "will not be dampened by the attempts of those who do not support International Women's Day. Activity around the world continues to mark the day's significance as millions of women campaign for equality and celebrate achievement".

I'm trying my best not to understand the motivation of targeting the web site of a campaign seeking to deliver equality for women around the world, but I can't get away from the fact there are obviously people out there in the hacking community who don't think women deserve equality and they certainly shouldn't be allowed to celebrate their achievements.

This was first published in March 2011

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